Winter Wonderland (again)

Snow ball in the faceThe weather has been crazy this winter – first two snow storms around Thanksgiving, then a major windstorm knocking out power for up to ten days at Christmas, and now more snow. My friend Gayle, who is a middle school teacher, said that before this latest snow storm the school year had already been extended through June 26th! She was joking about the possibility of having a 4th of July assembly, but at this rate it may not be so funny!

Ruthie and Thomas get really excited every time it snows, but playing in it requires many stops inside for me to warm up their hands because their lame mother (who grew up in Minnesota, by the way) didn’t buy any snow gear after the first TWO TIMES it snowed this year. So, I’ve learned my lesson – I’m buying mittens and boots tomorrow, so you can count on it never snowing again once I do that. Murphy’s law and all.

One rarity for this snow storm, though, is that today is a beautiful sunny day. And the snow is of the wetter variety, so it sticks to the tree branches and glistens like jewelry – and makes for great snow balls!

IMG_5000Following our romp in the snow last night, the kids hunkered down for some hot chocolate – a favorite treat. I’ve finally figured out the combination of not-too-hot water, a not-filled-too-full cup, and a flexi-straw all work best for optimal toddler and preschooler enjoyment. As we sipped, Ruthie remembered the last time it snowed when we walked to the restaurant for pizza, and she asked to watch the movie we made. I thought that was very cool, and it made me excited that all these technical tools and toys are becoming a part of her every day experience.

Here are the snow pictures, and here are the hot chocolate pictures.

5 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland (again)”

  1. I’ve wanted to comment for a bit now, but just got to it today as I’m off work – bored! I read your blog thru my friend Christa (the World according to…) and you’re such a great writer! I live in Fairwood and have thought about stalking you at the Met…not really…(I really just want the chance to win the two CD set!)

    Then today when I was reading, you had a picture of your shoes and we have the same Danskos so I thought it might be fated…thanks for the great blog, getting me thru many a boring work day and keep up the writing!


  2. I love the look of the snow, but like you, my kids don’t have snow gear, too expensive for us for only a few times wearing it and then outgrowing it the next year. They go out with rubber boots (unless you are Josh, then you go out with your tennis shoes and no socks) and only Hannah has gloves. Needless to say, they are only out for a very short time. I think after these two days without school, we are slated to have our last day July 2nd. This HAS never happened for as long as I can remember. Very interesting winter that is for sure.

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