Snow Fashion Faux Pas

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While I was distracted on the phone yesterday, Ruthie put on her Christmas socks, tennis shoes, Thomas’ dinosaur costume (which is way too short), and her lady bug rain coat to go out and play in the snow. I give her a lot of leeway when it comes to dressing herself, but I drew the line here.

IMG_5057This morning, realizing that although all the schools are closed and time has stopped due to one inch of snow, Value Village thrift store employees defied this latest ‘act of God’ by showing up to work and smiling at me as I dropped in to pillage for snow gear. Proof that God still loves me despite my unkempt house lies in the fact that they had snow boots and snow suits in each of my kids’ sizes.

Boots, gloves, snow suits: $20.
Not embarrassed to be seen with children: priceless.

5 thoughts on “Snow Fashion Faux Pas”

  1. 1 inch of snow, how lucky. We got 11.5 inches. If we could have gotten off the hill, and if I had thought of it, Value Village is an awesome place to get things. Didn’t even think about that. I love the ending of your post…

  2. “1 inch of snow, how lucky”

    Well, I think we got 4-6 inches, but by today it didn’t seem like much was left on the roads.

  3. Thanks for the idea. The thought of Value Village usually overwhelms me (so many things…so much stuff….acccck!). But I braced myself and dug in. And, as most things I dread are, it was incredibly easy. I got a pile of snow pants in varying sizes (thought I’d stock up for next year while I”m at it, so I don’t end up in the same situation) for about $30.
    (and my husband, who hates spending any money at all, especially on SNOW PANTS in SEATTLE for GOODNESS SAKE, thanks you too)

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