Our Snowy Night

We’re going on our third day of WINTER STORM BLAST 2006, and once again the city is crippled by its lack of snow plows and sanding trucks. I’m a Minnesota transplant, and even though I’ve been here for 16 years I still marvel at how much damage a few inches of snow can cause these people.

When the snow began falling on Sunday night we had been planning to go Christmas shopping, and soon realized we had better stick closer to home. So we opted for a stroll around our neighborhood instead that ended in dinner at a wood-fired pizza place.

The memory that I hope will stick with me forever, is how magical the evening was as I watched my children become enchanted by everything they saw. A tree branch, a park bench, a fence post – it all seemed so new and fascinating under a blanket of snow.

That evening I felt blessed, like I was living in a fairy tale. My family was with me, large fluffy snow flakes were falling, and it seemed every reason that I love living in this neighborhood presented itself, including the passing dinner train.

I’m not always one to be living In The Moment, but that evening I was very present, and enjoying every moment. Here is a video of our magical evening:

3 thoughts on “Our Snowy Night”

  1. Thank you for the warm smile your video brought to my day! My kids are all grown (thank you Lord), my 5 Grands are 1,000 miles away in California and I miss them, and I’ve retired from my carreer as the executive director of a large Christian school in Cali, and I do so miss watching little people’s amazement at the simplest things in live. To see your little short person jumping up and down on the street, and enthralled with the pretty lights at dinner brought a warm fuzzy feeling to my innards and a tear to my eye. Thanks Jen for sharing. May you always be able to see the world through the eyes of a child. Surely the wonder, awe and joy over the simplest things in life is what the Lord meant when He told us to become like little children. Paulette

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