An Ode to Gay Pride

Jesus had radically different ideas about loving people that went completely against the conventional wisdom of religion and culture in that day: He showed compassion to the marginalized by loving them, valuing them, and revealing their true identity as a daughter or son of God our Father.

This angered and alarmed religious leaders, who chose instead to undermine their identity and strip them of value.

It bothers me that religious people who call themselves Christians continue to marginalize people groups as if the individual people in the group have no value or identity. Jesus never did that. He never shunned a person based on how they identified themselves, or on how others identified them.

Instead, he sought them out to share a meal, have a conversation, and really know them, and it was in those acts of love and compassion that he found a path into their hearts.

Seattle’s Gay Pride Parade ended right at my back door today, and there were a lot of beautiful people celebrating in my neighborhood.

I wonder if we as Christians could ever find a way to have meaningful conversations with people who are very different from us. It’s been two thousand years since the bigotry of Jesus’ day, so I’m starting to lose hope that it’s possible.

(Edited to express hopelessness on 6/14/16, following the death of 50 people at a gay night club in Orlando.)

Living at the Venue’s Back Door


Shortly after we moved in, the kids and I were waiting for the school bus when four giant semi trucks skimmed their way down our narrow, tree lined street. Later I saw more trucks inside the Key Arena gates and lining both sides of two streets. I’m talking BIG semi-trucks and HUGE tour busses with dark, tinted windows.

Then I turned the corner and caught a glimpse of the Key Arena marquee: MADONNA WAS IN TOWN. Call me weird, but sometimes I nerd out on behind the scenes action more than the show itself.

Now we try to guess the concert by its fans. For instance, there was was the cowboy boot and leather fringe crowd for Carrie Underwood.

Then last Friday it was late middle aged couples dressed like they were going to the neighborhood tavern for a pint. I thought, hockey? Jimmy Buffet?

The next day I looked it up: Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

Such is life at the business end of an event venue.

This Is What Happens When You Take the iPad Away.

Tonight we turned on the tv channel connected to our building’s security camera. This is the entertainment that ensued:


But it didn’t stop there. After each kid performed a closed circuit dance party, they started watching from the balcony for people and cars to approach our building…


…then raced inside to see them go by on camera…


I bet this is precisely the kind of city kid shenanigans that Bill just didn’t get about Curious George.

squished like a bunny

Photo Credit

This morning on my way home from the store, a bunny ran into the road a little ways in front of me. I let up on the gas a little to give it time to cross, but it saw me coming and froze in the middle of the road, staring at me.

It was crouched in the bunny version of the fetal position.

I stopped and waited while it gathered its cojones and finished crossing the street, but it made me realize I’m just like that bunny. Squirrels and birds are quick witted enough to get out of the way (most of the time), but in the face of danger that bunny was all, “OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHWHATDOIDOOOOOO?!”

We’re moving two weeks from today, and I need your help. But before you avert your eyes from meeting mine you should know WE HIRED MOVERS, so I don’t need that kind of help. But if you’re one of my peeps and have a few hours to spare on the morning of August 1st, I would love for you to come over.

The overarching category of help I need is HELPING JEN KEEP HER SHIT TOGETHER. Details include:

  • Telling Jen what to do when she is overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do next, because THE DETAILS! THE DETAILS ARE BLINDING ME.
  • Helping to pack up and gather all the last minute things that didn’t get done by 3am the night before (DETAILS!).
  • Loading smaller and/or fragile things into available cars. Items might include lamps, garden pots, and my underwear drawer.
  • Making sure Jen (and the family, but mostly Jen) is fed. You don’t want to see Low Blood Sugar Jen.
  • Comforting Jen during random outbursts of crying because we’re moving even though the new place is totally awesome.

The movers are scheduled to come after lunch, which gives us the morning to get everything organized for them.

Also, pray for my sanity. Bryan is on a shoot this entire weekend for the Capital Hill Block Party, and he has another shoot the night before we move.




Friday Link Love: The Relocation Edition

Because I have our August relocation on the brain this week, I pulled together a few links in that vein.

Can I Get Your Help?

Bryan wrote a lovely post about our move, and also mentioned specifics re the help we need renting out our house.

Why Technology Is Driving More Urban Renewal

A colleague sent Bryan a link to this article in relation to a project they’re working on. When they bumped into each other the other day, Bryan said, “It’s funny you should mention that article, because we just signed a lease so my family could move into the city.”

Crazy, right?

A Playground Renaissance Arrives At Seattle Parks

Considering we’re moving to the Seattle Center neighborhood, I was very excited to hear of plans for a playground there.

425 in a 206 world

Remember the 646 area code episode of Seinfeld? Back in the day all the native New Yorkers had a 212 area code, so if you ended up with a 646 you were clearly a newbie to the city.

After Elaine’s number got changed to a 646, new guys she met wouldn’t call her!

I think Seattle feels the same passion for its 206 area code, and I’m feeling a little insecure about my 425 number. Will I be taken seriously in this town??

Case in point:

Her: “And we can connect your building security code to a local 206 number and you just buzz people in!”

Me: “What if I have a 425 number?”

Her: “Unfortunately we can’t connect it to a long distance number. It has to be local.”

I felt like Elaine in that video: “But it’s not long distance, it’s just different!”