Warning: this post was precipitated by trying on pants at the mall today.

This is the second week in a row that I intended to get back on the Monotonous Machine of Monotony and keep track of what I am eating. I had taken a brief hiatus for travel and general laziness, but declared a couple weekends ago that I needed to kick this ass back into gear again and get past this plateau.

Apparently what I meant was, I am going to eat cereal for every meal and sit in my chair reading a book.

For the crazy work-out girl I used to be, I’m not sure what to do with this lack of motivation. Honestly – and not to make ridiculous excuses – but I really miss my old gym, the one that shut down. I transfered over to the new facility, but I have yet to step foot in it, and I really can’t even muster up a little bit of desire to do so.

Lame. I know. Yell at me all you want. I will accept your scorn.

What’s worse, is that we actually have a Monotonous Machine of Monotony in our basement that Bryan uses every. single. day (that bastard), so it’s not even like I have any legitimate excuses what so ever. I have just been undisciplined.

And I am back to feeling sorry for myself for being this way, wishing I looked like this again, or even this, for crying out loud. And to see the date stamp on those posts go back a whole year…. It is discouraging to know that I have been complaining about my body for so long without matching my words with action.

In Recovery, we learned in step 5 to shut up and do something about it (that’s a paraphrase). So I think maybe that I might possibly see about the idea of trying to perhaps think about committing.

Well, I’m nothing if not realistic.

3 thoughts on “Warning: this post was precipitated by trying on pants at the mall today.”

  1. Isn’t it funny how this is the post no one seems to want to comment on? Well, I will…just to check in and see where you are in all of this. Getting into gear is so very much of the battle. You’ve got some good resources, and I am up for play walks rather than play dates…it would certainly help me in the workout department which I am very lacking in…think about it!

  2. I was doing so well and then a weekend with the inlaws resulted in me eating everything not tied down in order to stay sane. I too must get back to the M3

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