For the eavesdroppers among us…

Since switching to my new, sexy, and perfectly shaded color of blue website, it took some troubleshooting to get my player up and running again. But the roughly four hours over several days that I put into it made it worthwhile, in my opinion. The new player I downloaded is fun because it has a flashing ‘listening now’ sign on it if I currently have something playing in iTunes, plus their designs were much more simple and fit better in my sidebar.

If you’re looking for a music sharing site, you should check out It’s free (unlike Rhapsody), and uses an rss feature to load your recently played tracks into a chart directly on your website.

Pretty cool if you like that sort of thing. Which I do.

3 thoughts on “For the eavesdroppers among us…”

  1. I was going to put my playlist on my blog. But it looks as though I might need to have a pay account to do that. 🙁 Although I haven’t really used the player very regularly. I think it’s about time I get my butt into gear, and start using it again.

    Are there arts, bands, etc, that you would recommend that I check out?

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