Three out of four Zugs recommend you stay the hell away.


Guess what! It’s April! And you know what APRIL means, right?


I’m sick.

Oh, you don’t remember? You don’t remember LAST April when I had THE FLU? And it turned into PNEUMONIA? And I was sick for an ENTIRE MONTH? And almost DIED?

Okay that last part was a little exaggerated. But I FELT like I was dying.

But at least Thomas is learning his math through the experience. He’s the only one not sick right now, and boy does he know it. He’s all “THERE WAS TWO PEOPLE SICK BUT NOW THERE’S THREE PEOPLE SICK BUT I’M NOT SICK BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE FOUR.”

It’s a den of viral slime in this house. First Ruthie was sick. Then Thomas was sick. Then Ruthie was sick again. Then Bryan was (still is!) sick. I’ve been taking care of everyone while they all lay around watching bad Disney, but now that I’m sick do you suppose I’ll get to lay around?

At least tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny. I can take the kids to a park and pass out under a tree.

One thought on “Three out of four Zugs recommend you stay the hell away.”

  1. I truly believe Spring is when I get sick. I have heard that germs, bugs, and whatnot live best in this kind of weather – so what are you going to do? I also think allergies wear down our immune system so we get this crud, and if you have seasonal allergies (the pollen is very high right now), then you will be weakened to pick up a bug. I have heard taking Quercetin is a cheap remedy as it fights allergies and is a Vitamin C derevative. I have also heard taking Freeze dried Nettles helps but have not tried this yet. I know I got the bug because of removing that old dusty/moldy carpet with Don on Monday, and while I am grateful to get it out, it made my dust allergy so aggravated I got the bug I was exposed to by Karen (bless her heart).

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