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roasted strawberriesWow. That was quite the flu bug. It waxed and waned then struck again with a vengeance of ear aches and sinus infections in Ruthie and Bryan.

Me? I came down with it on Monday, and it was Saturday before I could take a shower without needing a nap.

By Tuesday my flu was in full swing, but Ruthie was feeling better. So I did what any sane person would do when everything down to her hair hurts – WE WENT TO THE ZOO.

I’m pretty sure if the gorillas were allowed to roam free they would not act this stupid.

The makers of Ibuprofen should pay me money out of their marketing budget, because for about three hours that morning I felt like a normal person.

AND I TOLD THIS TO EVERYBODY I SAW – which may or may not have made me look like a crazy person.

Shortly after lunch I lost Ruthie. We were there with a friend and had four kids between us. If you’re ever in charge of multiple children you know the counting game you constantly play in public – one-two-three-four – over and over again. But after lunch I only came up with three.


Squinting into the bushes, spinning around in circles, looking for that blond hair bobbing.

WHERE’S RUTHIE? I shouted again.

My friend masked a snicker and nodded down to my side – I was holding Ruthie’s hand.

And that’s how I knew it was time to go home.

But now it is Tuesday again and I’m busy digging myself out of this pile of laundry and clutter and bills and receipts.

I’m also working on a writing project with an actual deadline that is only two weeks away, so watch this space for more news on that.

The strawberries pictured above were roasted under the broiler and served with chocolate pudding, just a little gift from me to you. Try it!

2 thoughts on “watch this space”

  1. I totally did that once at play gym. A new dad was talking my ear off and I was trying to keep on eye Clara, then about 3. And then I didn’t know where Iris was. I kept looking out over the toddler heads, past the chatty daddy, craning my neck around behind me. When I finally started to say, “Where’s Iris?” the words barely got out of my mouth before I realized I…was nursing her.

    I didn’t even have the excuse of illness. I was just *that* dopey.

    Can’t wait to hear about your project!

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