The Sound of my Life

I listen to music all. day. long. and I’ve been DYING for a way to share my musical moods with the Internet without breaking any laws. It’s a good thing Bryan didn’t marry me during the peak of the Napster Dynasty because I downloaded GIGS of music back then and I think his conscience would have exploded.

A couple weeks ago he sent me this link, which brought me to this site, which brought me to you, here, today. I want to share my music with you!

Someday, when I find my reading glasses and I’m not going cross-eyed, I will create a Music Pile in my sidebar. But for now we’ll just test it out to see how ya’ll like the idea.

If you’re lurking on my site (and you know you do!), leave a comment and let me know what you think about the idea – especially since it requires you to do a quick and painless music player download.

I will Inaugurate this feature with the obvious musical obsession of the month: The Mountain Goats.

One thought on “The Sound of my Life”

  1. Hi Jen,

    I am one those lurkers who has been reading your blog. So I think it’s about time I step out from my ‘lurkiness’ and introduce myself.

    My name is Wendy. I came across your blog via some connection to the Harambee church, which I came across via Mars Hill Church, which I came across a friend who attends Mars Hill via Christian forum. I hope that makes sense. In fact you may even know my friend who goes to Mars Hill, since I believe she sometimes attends services at Harambee. Her name is NancyJean.

    Now as for this music thingy, I clicked on that last link, but it seems that I am unable to listen to the song because it is limited to the US only. I’m from Australia.

    However, I am planning a trip to Seattle in September next year, where I plan to visit MH and Harambee. So maybe I check out this new music thingy then. Unless of course they make it available for us poor folks down under before then.

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