Party Central

Wow. What a weekend. Talk about spontaneity! On Friday afternoon two of my friends and their kids just HAPPENED to find themselves at our house at dinnertime, so we lengthened our table to make room for four adults and four kids and had teriyaki pork loin with navy beans and a salad… YUM! We had a great impromptu party, and ended up watching a couple episodes of Firefly while the kids watched The Incredibles on my laptop in a corner of the room that Bryan set up with pillows and blankets. It was perfect.

And we had friends over for breakfast before church today, and this afternoon we got a call from Beth who wondered about joining us to watch the season premier of ’24’, and our housemate was home, and her sister came over, and the cocktails were flowing, and I just have one thing to say… JITTERBUG MARTINI.

Four, actually. Yes, I had four jitterbugs and I am a very happy housewife at this moment.

But aside from indulging in a very rich and lathery cocktail, I’m feeling happy to be home again in my own skin, having people over – both planned and at the spur of the momement. During my depression we didn’t do anything, we didn’t see anybody, people didn’t come to our home. But this summer we were The House of Barbeque, and now it seems we are The House of Games – or maybe the House of Cocktails, depending on who you are.

It’s good to be back.

4 thoughts on “Party Central”

  1. Woohoo Jen. Sounds like Zug house is the place to be.

    It’s funny because hospitality is what you least want to do when you’re down but it’s very therapeutic. As are cocktails.

    You’ll have to post the Jitterbug Martini recipe. Vermouth + a whole lot of jitterbug?

  2. So do you love 24?? We are seriously addicted to it. So intense, we watched the first two seasons on DVD right after Will was born and we would stay up until 2-3am watching episodes. Love it!

    Its fun to have friends over…our associate pastor and his wife live right next door now and I love that they feel free to come over and hang out.

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