Pink Highlights

Ruthie turned eight last week, and our birthday present to her was a head full of pink highlights.

Real ones. As in, permanent.

Bryan was actually willing to go full on head o’ pink, but after I explained fading, roots, and upkeep, he was totally on board with peek-a-boo’s.

Purple People Heater!

I’ve never been one to live vicariously through my daughter, dressing her like a doll or mini me. But when it comes to her hair I’ve been slightly more … opinionated.

The problem is, I want her to always look like she’s three. It was such an adorable haircut, and even if I COULD find someone who can execute this style (which I can’t always), Ruthie’s not having it.

She wants long hair. And long bangs.

And who can blame her? She’s a true girly girl and inherited my gorgeous thick mane.

The Rinse!

So reluctantly, I’ve been letting her grow it out under one condition: she keeps it brushed. This kid hates me touching her hair, even if affectionately, and howls in pain at the mere sight of a brush.

So Miss Sensitive Scalp gets long hair as long as she keeps it up.


We’re pretty excited about the pink. I guess the nose pierce is a few years down the road?

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