Friday Link Love

Social Robots raise moral, ethical questions
Interesting story on NPR about people who are so distraught over human relationships they crave non-human companionship.

Fonts In Use – Black Swan posters
I wish I was better at font design, so I’ve been looking around for resources to help me learn. I came across these Black Swan posters on Fonts in Use and like them better than the typical movie poster.

Planting Dandelions: Field Notes From a Semi-Domesticated Life
A blogging friend of mine is due to release her memoir next month, and I can’t wait to read it. My copy just came in the mail this week – thanks Kyran!

Photo Apps Are Like Crack
With the addition of these two, I now have around six or eight photo apps I use regularly. I’m sure Jenny has infinitely more – she’s the only person I know who takes more self-portraits than me.

By the way, the best feature on the iPhone 4? FRONT FACING CAMERA. Yeah, I’m a big fan of myself.

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