Overheard while the Zuglets were playing “school”

Ruthie, as the teacher, holding up a My Little Pony: Who can tell me what’s this?

Thomas, sitting attentively on the floor, as the student: What’s this!

R: No – Who can tell me what’s this?

T: What’s this!

Ruthie (visibly frustrated and shaking the horse): NO! Say what this is!

T: What this is!

Exasperated, Ruthie whacks Thomas on the head with the My Little Pony, and marches away to sulk in the corner. Meanwhile, I am doubled over in laughter as I try to comfort one wounded child and one angry child. I explain to Ruthie how Thomas thinks he is supposed to say whatever she says after the word ‘say.’ Surprisingly, she picks up on this quickly, but still doesn’t quite formulate the right question.

Ruthie (with a different voice inflection): Thomas, can you tell me what this is?

T: What this is!

Ruthie huffs, but sees me laughing and lightens up. I suggest a question.

R: Thomas, what is this?


Yea! We are all now cheering that this lesson is finally over.

One thought on “Overheard while the Zuglets were playing “school””

  1. Oh my gosh, your house and my grandchildren are so-o-o-o-o- entertaining!! I’m proud of Ruthie for listening to your suggestion after finding out whacking Thomas with My Little Pony didn’t work!! And YOU make a patient teacher – laughing all the way!! Great job and wonderful writing!

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