how to can plums

1. Stand on a tall ladder over a treacherous patch of blackberry bushes in order to pick plumbs off the top of the tree

2. Sit around like old ladies, chattering about weddings and babies and the first days of school, while pitting plumbs.

3. More chattering while chop chop chopping.

4. Carry the load together, knowing that canning should never be done apart from the community of friends.

5. Stir stir stir!

6. Taste taste taste!

7. Marvel over the beautiful, purple jars, and feel proud after a hard day’s work.

8. Locate your children, who have run free on this half acre of blissful property all day with minimal supervision.

Thank you to my friend, Heather, who invited us all out to share in this experience, and for climbing the ladder – so bummed I didn’t get a picture of that! Alecia, you rock – your previous experience saved the day! And Beth, you looked mah-valous, and were just as clueless as me!

Round two with pears is this week, and round three with apples is next (if we can manage that kind of stamina!).

4 thoughts on “how to can plums”

  1. Oh THOMAS!!!!!!
    What a beautiful day! And I LOVE that knife!
    Now I’m inspired. I see boxes of pears looking at me in the store and may have to spring into action. As well as order a pear tree from Gurney’s.

  2. Wow, what an experience!! You’re sure way ahead of me – I have no canning experience at all, as you know. I’m sure having friends around to help in the process and to enjoy some good conversation is a hoot. And really? – two more fruits and two more weeks. Again, WOW!! (By the way, it’s plumber, plumbing and plums!!)

    Yea, Thomas – you’re having a great time getting the tasting job! Save some for me!

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