Out of the mouths of babes. Or not.

We were snuggling in a chair after a hard few days and Ruthie gave me a kiss. Then she came at me with her mouth open and said, “Let’s kiss like this, and get married!”

I laughed and said, “Will you show my camera your kisses?”

I expected her to turn away in a huff, because she does. not. perform.

Maybe it’s the strict toast and water diet after a day of puking, but she consented to perform! And what I got for my money was oh so much more.

And by the way? Hilarious about the “sign language.” I have NO IDEA where she got that – this was the first I’ve “heard” about it.

4 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of babes. Or not.”

  1. I love it! My husband had to explain, in kid terms, the hickies on his neck. Josh, the middle, asked me to give him one last night. Told him it was a grown-up kiss. He told me “fine, I’ll give you one” It of course, didn’t work so he said “his lips must not be dry enough” LOL Kids are so funny at what they pick up from observations.

  2. Hey, it took 33 years before his first one…very ticklish neck. So now, we are making up for lost time LOL

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