Flames, flood, and signals of the end

When I told my friend about my day she was like, “Geez, it’s like Red Dawn – grab your guns and head for the hills!”

First of all, my power went out quite randomly this morning while I was frying ground beef. I was also doing laundry. I had turned on all the lights and was playing Christmas music to stave off the depressive dreary day. Suddenly, all my productivity halted and we sat in the kind of dark where it’s not really dark but not really light, either – like the bad dreams I always have when I can’t see my enemies clearly.

The creepy thing to me, was that as soon as the power went out I heard multiple sirens from all directions, as if catastrophe and chaos awaited me on all sides.

Eventually the power came back on, I finished my chili and got the laundry done.

Then around 2:00 the power went off again. And I began hearing sirens again. And then I saw a HUGE PLUME OF SMOKE rising above the buildings a few blocks behind my house.

I actually called the police department as was like, I HAVE NO POWER, I HEAR SIRENS, AND I SEE SMOKE… AM I IN DANGER???

Turns out the McDonald’s down the street was on fire, and she had no idea why I had no power. You should click on that link and see the pictures – FLAMES SHOOTING INTO THE AIR. It’s a spectacular sight.

Oh, and did I mention our governor declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY for all the flooding? Yeah, it’s the end of the world. Grab your guns and head for the hills.

Anyway, I just spent two hours without my kids, making lists and checking them twice; making travel plans, returning travel-related emails, scheduling Christmas photos, alerting all of Southern California we will be in town for TWO WEEKS, and so on. And now, I will do some quick Christmas shopping.

Go forth and have a better day than me.

4 thoughts on “Flames, flood, and signals of the end”

  1. I would imagine that the person on the other end of the phone didn’t laugh when you called with questions — but I certainly did!! Why don’t you just move to Iowa!! It’s ALWAYS sunny here!! Hee, hee………

  2. word. my state of emergency was driving from the great and powerless renton through rush hour to be greeted by giant mudslides, road closures, sirens, and the craziest damn traffic I’ve ever seen.

  3. Jody – snow storms? tornadoes? I think not. 🙂

    Ashley – maybe! where are you? I’ll be near the San Bernardino area (the armpit of California, according to friends).

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