Opening the shutters, dusting off the curtains.

After a summer of abnormal female issues I won’t get into except to say I took one pregnancy test (negative), I finally went to my Fabulous Doctor. I explained my female issues to her, and in passing conversation also mentioned I was tired all the time. Like, dragging all day, napping in the afternoon and still falling asleep early in the evening.

After taking my blood pressure, she was concerned. I’m normally low, but on that day I was 78/50. The low end of the normal range (I think) is 90/60. I’m used to doctors asking if I feel feint when I stand up or change positions, and I never am. I’m just normally low. But, I don’t recall ever being THIS low.

So she had my blood tested for hormone issues, adrenal gland issues, thyroid issues, iron issues, and a whole bunch of other issues. All came back normal, except that I’m anemic. For no apparent reason.

Since I prefer CLEARLY EXPLAINABLE diagnoses over Well, It Could Be’s, all the worst possible scenarios were running through my head.

But I’m sure it’s nothing.

0709atinygrain-thumb.jpgFast forward through the holidays to early January when I finally went by the Fabulous Doctor’s office to pick up all the little brown bottles full of magic liquids she set aside for me. After six months of lethargy, lost libido, and a particularly depressing December, I was feeling extra gloomy about the possibility of anything ever feeling good and happy ever again.

But after just a couple weeks of taking all of her magic potions I feel as invincible as Iron Man. I wake up early, I Get Things Done, I keep moving, I’m nice, I don’t crash in the afternoon, and I go to bed appropriately tired and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Oh, and I’m really excited about … coloring… again (*cough*).

I’ve even gone so far as to wearing make-up and jewelry and shirts with actual buttons. This was largely unheard of even before all the strange symptoms set in, so apparently the potions in those little brown bottles also remedy slovenliness.

At any rate, I feel stellar. I’m catching up on things I’ve let go around the house, and I’m expecting to find more time to write.

Now, if only there were magic potions for potty training uninterested four year old boys…

5 thoughts on “Opening the shutters, dusting off the curtains.”

  1. I have similarly low blood pressure. It’s my excuse for eating so many chips (the salt does help it go up)! I tend to run slightly anemic too and the worst symptom for me is nausea. I’m glad you figured it out and that you’re feeling better!

  2. Ah yes…’coloring’. A favorite past-time of all.

    As an aside, frankly, I’ve always considered shirts with buttons a bit overrated myself.

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