On the road again / I just can’t wait to get on the road again

Because you can never pack, unpack, and repack a suitcase (or three) too many times in a two month period, we are on the road again. On the heals of our trip to Portland last weekend in which our children also went in separate directions to be cared for, I had three days to turn around this household for the next trip, and Bryan was in San Jose (can you blame me for cutting loose a little??).

We are in Vancouver, Canada, this weekend for the Northern Voice blog conference, and I am finding these events are much like family reunions in that we have the opportunity to connect offline with friendships that have been forming online. For sure I am expecting to see Ponzi, and Maryam, and Beth, and I hope to be surprised by a few more.

This is my first Northern Voice, but there have been Bloghers and Mindcamps, and weddings, and other social events in between. The tech community in the Northwest must be pretty tight because I see the same faces at many of these events, and they are encounters I look forward to.

Our drive up here this morning crossed many weather fronts, from rain to blinding snow to sun and clear skies. But we made it, and they let us in, and after we crossed the border Ruthie kept yelling, “I WANT TO GO TO CANADA!”

“We’re IN Canada, sweetheart.”


“There IS no inside, honey. Canada is a country, not a building. If you look out your window you’ll see Canadian grass.”

[now she is crying] “BUT I WANTED TO GO IN TO CANADA….”

And when we walked in to our suite at the Hampton Inn the kids ran around in circles hysterically, full of energy after the long drive. All the closet doors slide back and forth, the sugar packets for the complimentary coffee are at two-year-old eye level, and the clock radio has big white buttons on the top that change the station, so right at this moment I am listening to the sounds of the t.v., the radio, and slamming doors.

So here we are at a tech event with the Zuglets. Many of you have expressed your desire over the last few months to meet them, and now we are here, and all I have to say is, you asked for it.

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