President’s Day Getaway

Several years ago Bryan and I started a tradition of getting away for a long weekend together without the kids. I can’t remember exactly what prompted it, but I think it had to do with his transitioning from freelance work to full time employment, thus having these things called ‘paid holidays’ where you get paid even if you don’t work that day, so we took full advantage of President’s Day.

These weekends have become second honeymoons for us, serving to rejuvenate our relationship, recharge our creativity, and give us room to breathe. We sit in bookstores, we have deep conversations, we drive around looking at architecture – we connect. Two years ago Bryan ordered me up a massage for my swelling, tired, 8-month-pregnant body.

It takes a small army of people to make this happen for us – an army of friends who bless us more than they realize by loving our children and keeping them safe while we are gone. I recognize each year that this trip is not an inherent right that obligates other people, but rather it is a blessing that others participate in. And so I thank you, dear friends, for blessing us with your kindness.

You can read about last year’s amazing trip here and here.

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  1. Mark and I are going away also…thanks to our friend Heidi, who also reads this blog…who got us a night away at Port Ludlow and is watching our kids…This is the first night we have had away together since before Lora was born, yes she will be 3 on March 8th! So, I am looking forward to relaxing, sleeping in, even riding in the car is peace…here’s to a great time away! Enjoy!

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