Warning: Drunk Blogging in Progress

I’m on my fourth cocktail with friend Jenny present on our ‘let the hair down’ night without husbands and children, and yes, we are drunk.

We are compiling a ‘hairbrush’ mix tape. You know the hairbrush songs… the ones you listen to in front of the mirror with the hairbrush as a microphone…

If you were to make a hairbrush mix tape, what songs would you include? I take this task so seriously I’m terrified of missing that really. important. song. If your song makes it on my mix, you’ll get a free copy. How’s THAT for drunken promises????????????

5 thoughts on “Warning: Drunk Blogging in Progress”

  1. Lucky Star by Madonna (should I even admit that?)
    You Oughta Know by Alanis
    Possession by Sarah McLachlan
    Dream On by Aerosmith
    Sweet Child of Mine by GNR
    Anything by Sheryl Crow
    Cowboy, Take Me Away by Dixie Chix
    anything by Def Leppard 🙂
    Popular and Defying Gravity from the WICKED soundtrack
    Anything on the Godspell soundtrack

    Whew! That was fun!

  2. Ooo, Alanis – good call
    Aerosmith is accounted for, but I’m kinda partial to ‘love in an elevator’ – will consider other options
    Def Leppard is accounted for and so is ‘Defying Gravity’
    I will check out others you mentioned!

  3. I’m late to the party – hopefully you have room for more suggestions… and i’m sorry I missed an occasion for cocktails! 😉

    ooh, you definitely need something “angst-y” – y’know, the ones we sang with all the misunderstoodness and pathos we could muster. (consdering we were 14 and all)
    like maybe Wham’s “Careless Whisper”? Or “if you Leave” by OMD? And I spent many hairbrush moments belting out U2’s “With or Without you”

    You do have “Money for Nothing”, right?

    Oh, and something by the Cars… ” Just what i needed”, or “magic”, maybe?
    And “Love in an Elevator” is a ‘for sure’ in my book – glad it’s on your list!
    “Walk this Way” is my Aerosmith choice.
    how ’bout “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive?

    I guess you can tell exactly how old I am now… 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to do a “top down” mix – for those summer songs I blasted when my friend and I were lucky enough to borrow her dad’s old convertible Mustang…. ah, good times!

    Can’t wait to see the finished playlist!


  4. how about Love Shack!? Love shack baaay-beeee!

    and that one song… uhm… I would walk 1000 miles ….

    i stink when it comes to remembering song titles.

    be happy by whats-his-nose with the deep voice.

    heck… since we are on deep voices you could have a string of commercials by the beef guy… “beef. it’s what’s fer dinner” I LOVE that guys voice!

    I dunno. maybe it is too late to make suggestions. Since I started working at Massage Envy (yes folks, Massage Envy in Federal Way off 348th in the new Federal Way Crossings Mall — Jalene 8-2 Monday through Friday and starting in March Sat. 2-6!) i have been too exhausted to read email so I have fallen behind on the infamous Jen Zug blog. Please forgive me!

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