A Note to My Adoring Fans

I’ve had some loving inquiries regarding the recent posts I made about drunk blogging – friends checking in to make sure everything’s okay. I just want to clarify that the term ‘drunk blogging’ is something I picked up in the blog world, especially from that hell-raiser, Dooce, who is an extremely hyperbolic and sarcastic writer – a skill I aspire to possess in my writing, much to the disappointment of many in my tight knit offline community.

And quite possibly, I’m not that good at it.

Truth be told, I was jumping on the bandwagon of this video piece from The Today Show, which ripped on mothers having one glass of wine during their children’s play dates. The topic erupted in the blog world, and Melissa Summers, who was the ‘mommy blogger’ interviewed along side the ‘seasoned professional,’ writes here and here about her anger at being ambushed on the air.

Shortly after I saw that video, I needed to take my son to the ER for some breathing problems. My friend had been over for dinner that night, and I’d had one glass of wine with my meal. I thought this was hilarious, because – as if a woman can not be trusted to know her limits or be responsible – one of the main concerns over a mother having a glass of wine in the presence of her children was, ‘WHAT IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY, AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL?’

I laughed at this irony all the way down the Valley Freeway as my minivan bounced between the median and the Saab next to me.

(That was hyperbole, by the way.)

At any rate, you should really read this post written by Dooce shortly after the video was aired on The Today Show. It will give you a little insight into my (apparently alarming) sense of humor regarding drunk blogging.

Did I have a few drinks that night? Yes. Was I completely incapacitated and tripping over my fingers, unaware that I was blogging? No. It was a very intentional and sarcastic commentary on a topic that has been widely discussed in the blog world (see here and here).

No worries, the kids are safe.

2 thoughts on “A Note to My Adoring Fans”

  1. Great response, Jen–I know that for me, having a blog is also quite often a (safe and healthy) way to blow off a little steam and though 100% of what I say is true, my feelings or attempt at humor in the moment is certainly subjective and the result of that moment’s emotions (or lack thereof). I appreciate getting to see your heart a little bit more–you’re an amazing communicator.

  2. Ummm….hilarious. As a member of your tight knit offline community and avid follower of the blog, I’d like to report that 1. I was NOT concerned in any way.
    2. I got the connection to current discussion about mother’s drinking
    3. I was jealous I wasn’t invited.


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