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I was about to shut off the computer and turn in for the night when I decided to read ‘just one more’ blog post from my feed reader. It turned out to be this reflection on Jesus’ last supper before his crucifixion, which reportedly happened on Thursday night. Tonight.

I wonder when exactly did Jesus make the decision that his love of his Father and of all humanity was more important to him than what awaited him the next 24 hours? Was it while he broke the bread and gave it to his most trusted disciples as they argued about who would be the greatest? Was it in Gethsemane? Was this the ultimate struggle during the night of prayer while the disciples fell asleep?

At what point in our lives do we decide that we love Jesus more than our ________ (fill in the blank…children, spouse, parents, job, money, drugs, sex, shopping,) and start to demonstrate (act out!) that love?

All too often I breeze through the Easter season without pausing to reflect on what this means to me. I am a task person, and often get lost in the everyday Piles that life throws at me. Wednesday looks like Thursday, which looks like Friday – and before you know it, it’s Monday again and Easter felt like just another Sunday.

Only with more food.

I didn’t even think about today being the night of the Last Supper. And all I was thinking about regarding our Good Friday service tomorrow was when to fit dinner into the schedule.

So I am grateful that I stumbled across this reminder to slow down and reflect, and I hope that tomorrow – after preschool and vet appointments – I will step away from the computer and the kitchen and the laundry long enough to Remember and be thankful.

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