Fifteen Minutes of Fame, part 2

I should really call these posts ‘Twenty Minutes of Fame,’ since that’s about how long each segment is, but that just isn’t catchy.

Here is part 2 of the Kindlings Muse panel discussion with Dick Staub. In this segment you get to hear Dick put me on the spot with a question about Mars Hill’s practice of sending live sermon feeds out to multiple site locations. What you don’t hear is the the deadpan smirk I give him after he asks the question, as I wonder how much of a smart ass I want to be for being put on the spot.

All in good fun, as I expertly deflected the conversation (“Do you REALLY want to talk about this now?”).

There is also discussion of focus on a virtual community vs. a community that is right in front of you. Dick used the example of talking on your cell phone long distance while sitting next to someone in the car whom you are ignoring. To that I will add (though I couldn’t fit it in at the time), that my writing and blogging does at times distract me from my children and my duties as the manager of my home. I’d say that while some of that is an intentional choice to lower my standards of cleanliness for the purpose of my own sanity, there is definitely the distraction factor of checking emails when I should be running a load of laundry or something.

Early on in my recovery I noticed that the majority of my rage episodes happened after a period of extreme distraction in which the kids’ mounting irritability at not having my full attention caused the whine meter to reach defcon 1 levels in preparation for attack. Subsequently, I would finally tear myself away from whatever riveting thing I was doing and realize my stress level had risen without notifying me, only to open The Can on everything that made a sound.

I definitely keep an eye on that now.

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