As Thomas attempts to get around he can’t quite get in touch with his knees. He just pulls himself around on his belly with his elbows as if he’s looking for the nearest fox hole to dive into. I try to direct him in a methodical pattern so as to reduce my need for sweeping, and I find that small, choke-able objects are what best motivates him in a particular direction.

This week he started attempting a textbook crawl, but all he’s managed so far is a sideways crab-like awkwardness on his hands and feet, which only serves to humiliate and frustrate him as you can see by these pictures.

I think what prompted this sudden burst of developmental attempt is his increased caloric intake. At his nine month well-child checkup last week he had dropped below the charts in weight for his age category, so I started feeding him more in hopes of kick starting a growth spurt.

Now, if I could just inject his weight-shedding metabolism into my body….

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