Because I can’t focus on something more meaningful while my son drools all over my face, I will write about going to the gym.

After tweaking with my weekly routine a little I think I finally found a groove for getting to the gym. I’m getting there three times a week, all at different times of the day, which is fantastic for my love people-watching.

I think my favorite time of the day is on Mondays when I go late in the morning just before lunch. All the Blue Hairs are there and they are so cute with their peach colored sweat pants and swollen ankles. Usually I see the Blue Hairs on the treadmill, walking painstakingly slow as they hang on to the side bars for dear life. But this week I saw an elderly woman working through the circuit weight training, and when we smiled at each other I had an urge to say “YOU GO GIRL!” but because I’m not one who talks to people I stuck to the nodding and smiling.

I gained another five pounds in my hiatus from the gym, making a total of 40 pounds gained since before I became pregnant with Ruthie over three years ago. I tried not to let this paralyze me, but just see it for what it is. I reminded myself that I first joined the gym last year not for sole purpose of losing weight, but because I just needed to move my body more and quit being so lazy.

It turns out I’m one of those sick people who loves to work out. The hard part for me is actually getting out the door, but once I get on that elliptical machine and the endorphins kick in I kind of lose myself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go. The other day I actually closed my eyes and threw my head back as I imagined myself jogging along the river by my house.

SUCH a nerd.

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