Jesus Is Bigger Than The Pile I’m Standing In


Life is good at the ZugHaus. Not rainbows-and-puppies good, but I-have-a-basement-during-a-tornado good. I’m continually encouraged that Jesus trumps All Things Shitty, which leads me to complain less when circumstances are less than desirable.

Our car broke down again, for instance. We were on our way home from the Folk Life Festival – tired, hungry, thirsty, and cranky. We have a knack for breaking down late on Sunday afternoons, by the way.


Usually I’m a glass-half-empty kinda girl, and I’m also likely to complain that the glass has a piece of food stuck to it or is the wrong color. “Fuck you and your stupid glass metaphor!” is what I often think (and occasionally say out loud).

But I can’t deny the miracle that is happening in my heart. Specifically, the miracle that happened in my heart as we sat on the side of the road while I tried to keep my kids from running onto the highway. As my mind clicked through all the events our car was needed for in the coming week – a school play, hauling video gear to an event, grocery shopping – my heart kept not freaking out.


The miracle in my heart that week was not that I saw the glass half full for once, but that I found it SO AMAZING THAT I HAVE THIS AWESOME GLASS!

At the time, I didn’t know how the week was going to come together, but as it played out I realized…

  • I got to snuggle on the bus commute home from an event with Bryan
  • We got to ride the bus as a family to a school event, and my kids thought they were on a roller coaster adventure
  • A friend was able to serve and bless our family by replacing the broken hose in our car
  • Grocery shopping became a social event when a friend let me tag along with her to the store

When I’m in my Eeyore mindset I see those things as burdens, not blessings; disruptions, not adventures. But a changed perspective and open heart made a stressful week so much more fun.

I’m curious… How has your perspective toward shitty circumstances been challenged?

One thought on “Jesus Is Bigger Than The Pile I’m Standing In”

  1. Love the post. Love that you can take the bus when your van breaks down. I must admit I am totally a glass is half full kind of gal. I am annoying that way. But I can sink to the bottom of that full cup and start drowning on the side of the road in a heart beat. Been there, done that. We no longer take road trips with our vehicles. Across town can be a stressor some days. Current stressor…so many to choose from…June 1st, the first day we returned to our crappy self employed insurance, John sprayed Carb cleaner in his eye and we had an emergency appointment at an eye specialist. And yet, like you, I felt at peace. I don’t know why God created that detour of the day but He did and it will be fine.

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