Help! I’m Being Kidnapped!

Sonsabitches! All of you who keep secrets from me are sonsabitches!

Bryan’s been bragging about a big surprise event he’s whisking me away to for my birthday (I know! Again with the birthday talk…) but he wouldn’t even tell me when it was happening so I could plan around it. This afternoon he told me to be dressed and ready to go by 4:15.

“But we have an appointment at 3:15. We’ll never be back in time.”

“I rescheduled it.”

“But what about Jenny? She was watching our kids.”

“I IM’d her this morning and canceled.”

“But what about J & C? We’re supposed to watch their kids tonight.”

“They found other arrangements weeks ago.”


Okay. For real, I’m actually very excited and curious. I know nothing, other than I am to be REALLY dressed up. And that we got into a small argument about what a dressy shoe is. Can I hear from my ladies that big, brown, clunky shoes with a big, thick, chunky sole and no heal is NOT considered a VERY DRESSY SHOE???

I have 15 minutes left to get ready for my surprise, so I’ll let you know what happens later!

3 thoughts on “Help! I’m Being Kidnapped!”

  1. (to the tune of “Mrs Robinson”)

    So here’s to you, Mrs Bryan Zug
    We all love you more than you may know
    Ow, ow, ow

    (and just so you know, I didn’t lie to you today. I said that everything was going as planned…and it did! Nice job Bryan!)

  2. Cherie – I laughed out loud at this – you are so funny! When I called you earlier in the week to ask if we were still on for Friday, I detected a slight hesitation in your voice before you answered. At the time I attributed it to you thinking through your schedule. Now I know you were just thinking quickly on your feet. Impressive!

  3. c’mon, spill! I’m waiting to hear about your surprise!
    ~Leah 🙂

    (a local reader who just found you a couple months ago. I mostly just read, but am dying to find out what happened!)

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