Surprise Revealed

It’s been a quiet, cozy weekend – just me and my little family. The last two weeks have been crazy, and Bryan has an extra week of travel this month, so I drew my little family in close to me this weekend and turned off the computer.

On Friday Bryan revealed his Big Birthday Surprise, and I have to confess that I am impressed by his ability to juggle all the variables. I was CONVINCED Friday was not the day since we already had so much going on, which of course made me even MORE surprised.

We had dinner at a Queen Anne restaurant called The Melting Pot. I didn’t know fondue could be so swanky. Bryan had called ahead for reservations, so we had a cozy little table for two on the second level in the back. Alone. We ordered a bottle of wine and talked as we ate the different courses – first the cheese fondue with bread and fruit, then a salad, then a vegetable broth fondue with meats and vegetables. We had pieces of lobster, and steak, and pork, and chicken, and prawns – OH MY!

We topped off the meal with a milk chocolate and Bailey’s fondue with cheesecake, brownies, strawberries, and pound cake to dip. I also had my first Port Wine – very tasty.

It really was an elegant affair, lasting two hours or more. It could have ended there, but no. There was more. After dinner we walked over to Seattle Center to see Paul Simon in concert. I nearly died.

Thank you for a great time, husband. I love you.

(I have pictures of the whole evening – the dinner, the concert, everything. But my camera’s memory card is not letting them go. Hopefully I can get it working, because I also have the cutest pictures of Ruthie helping me bake pear bread.)

One thought on “Surprise Revealed”

  1. Wow – I’m so jealous! I lurve Paul Simon!!! i also lurve the Melting Pot.
    I’m glad you had a great birthday. kudos to the husband!
    Thanks for the details – I feel much better now. 😉
    Back to lurking…

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