The Call of the Jitterbug

IMG_4108Waaaaay back in February – seven months ago – Bryan bought us tickets to see Wicked at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. It was the farthest in advance he’d ever planned an event – including our wedding, which happened just five months after we met.

I think this was the best Wednesday I’ve had in a looooong time.

The musical was spectacular. I was so caught up in the electrifying drama that I welled up with tears. I love theater. There’s something so… dramatic… about it. It’s energetic and active, not passive like most movies are. When a song ends, the crowd cheers. When lines are funny, we laugh. Audience and actor dance together, intertwining performance and praise.

Beforehand we had dinner at Lottie’s Lounge in Columbia City, where I first fell in love with the Jitterbug Martini last Friday night. I waited patiently all through the appetizers, the salad, and the dinner so I could slowly enjoy the smooth, lathery, richness for dessert.


We spent the evening talking about vision – what we’re doing now, what we THOUGHT we’d be doing now, and how do we know when to make changes. As we held hands on the way back to our car I mentioned how I liked these long dinner dates where we talk and drink and eat and talk and drink and eat. Somehow in the everydayness of our own home we fail to have these intimate conversations, even in the quiet after the kids go to bed.

As we continue to fall in love all over again every day, I think we will be seeing fewer and fewer movies. Rather, I think we will be answering the call of the jitterbug.

2 thoughts on “The Call of the Jitterbug”

  1. Jen! Oh my gosh. Kendall and I went to see Wicked last Friday night. My parents gave it to him as a birthday present. It was so great. I love going to the theatre; so, I am glad that he still doesn’t know anyone else in Seattle and I got to be his date (just kidding, I am sure he would have taken me anyways…right hon?)

    Glad that you enjoyed the show.

  2. we went to la medusa last night, across from lottie’s in columbia city, and it was the best meal I’ve had in a while.

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