Friday(ish) Link Love

Encouraging Young Artists – PBS Supersisters
Recently I had the epiphany that I’ve been a writer since I could write – I just never had a mentor to encourage me or give any direction. I’m so task oriented at home I often forget to spend time cultivating my kids’ interests, discovering what they enjoy creating and making space for them to explore. This post was a great reminder that I have budding creators right in front of me, and I should pay more attention.

Gradbabies – The Word Cellar
Jennifer writes a great essay on dealing with everyone else’s expectations, particularly when it comes to having babies.

What Makes This Paragraph So Great? – Don Miller
This short writing lesson rocked my world – “Notice how the paragraph feels descriptive, but is actually more full of verbs than adjectives.”

High School Musical 4 –
This is pretty hilarious considering a certain 6yo’s obsession with High School Musical.

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  1. Jen, that Gradbabies was amazing – how I can relate as this sounds so much like Don’s side of the family. I loved it – thanks for sharing. I had often thought I was the only one who felt that way.

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