I’d like to thank The Academy…

Ignite Seattle - April 29, 2009
Photo by Randy Stewart – blog.stewtopia.com

I had a great time doing The Sanity Hacks of a Stay at Home Mom at Ignite, and was so thrilled by the experience I could do it over and over again.

Thanks to Bryan for believing in me, and for convincing me that what I had to say mattered. Also? For laughing victoriously from the gut when I finally said, “You’re right, I’ll do it your way. Bullet points, it is!”

Thanks to Amanda, Katherine, and Julie for reading the first draft and giving me awesome feedback, because striking the proper tone was hugely important to me; to my IRL peeps for encouraging me, to my friend Alecia for taking my sick kid, and to the super duper fabulous Beth and Beth (yes, two friends named Beth – I actually have 3 total) for cheering me on at the event.

For the record, I do not recommend chaperoning a kindergarten class to the zoo at 8:30 the next morning, followed closely by obedience training for your dog in the late afternoon, followed by the arrival of your mother from out of town the next day.

It makes for some serious insanity that’s not so easy to hack.

A video is forthcoming. Despite the fact I sleep with the editor, I could not get him to do mine first.

2 thoughts on “I’d like to thank The Academy…”

  1. Congratulations on stepping up to the plate. And having a great time! Glad it was good!

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