Ignite Seattle: The Sanity Hacks of a Stay At Home Mom

Here it is. My ignite presentation.

I’m pretty proud of it, just to let you know. I think maybe I like public speaking because I never really get nervous at the time of presenting.

I DO, however, have a nervous breakdown SEVERAL TIMES during the preparation of a presentation – particularly this one, as I feared NOBODY WOULD CARE about what a stay at home mom has to say to this particular crowd. But as you can tell by the laughter at appropriate times, I think I pulled it off.

Huge huge HUGE thanks to Bryan & the kids for putting up with my irrational mood swings, the growing laundry piles, and the generally chaotic home environment as I prepared for this event. Also, Bryan put up with a disproportionate amount of verbal abuse whenever he said the words “bullet points.” But in the end he was avenged, and did his victory lap around the house.

Also, big thanks, of course, to Brady and the selection team for picking me. Yea!

It was great fun, but I’m so relieved to have my regular life back, slaving away at home.

18 thoughts on “Ignite Seattle: The Sanity Hacks of a Stay At Home Mom”

  1. WoooHooo!! You totally pulled it off – and I made a cameo after Han Solo. I some ways I feel like I arrived too. Excellent job, Zugs, you guys rock.

  2. Awesome! I don’t know what you were so freaked out about :). Sorry I missed it for real but I am thankful for video technology. You should do these more often!

  3. Amazing! You knew exactly what you were doing – mention Star Wars 30 seconds in and the geeks were eating out of your hand…

  4. Dude, that was awesome! I love public speaking too. It brings out a part of me that I too often miss as a SAHM. I used to call her “conference room” me and man, she was ON.

    You were definitely ON too. I hope you take this experience and run with it!

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