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Sometimes Love Refuses – PaperNapkin
I love love love this post. I, too, have a tentative son, particularly when it comes to approaching or responding to strangers. When he’s nervous, Thomas pokes his tongue out and plays with his hands nervously in front of his chest. It’s very cute. Now. Not so sure about when he’s interviewing for a job.

The Golden Rule – Practical Theology for Women
This was a very convicting essay on how to love those you are in conflict with.
An excerpt: “In particular, I’ve been meditating for some time about Biblical love in conflict. The Golden Rule gives me an interesting perspective to consider. When in conflict, if I want to fulfill the law–loving my neighbor as myself–then a great summary question to ask myself is “how would I want to be treated if I were the other person?” Most of the time in conflict, we are so self-righteous and self-absorbed, the last thing we consider is how we would want to be treated in a similar situation.”

Immigration Flow Chart – (via Scott Berkun)
Related to links I posted last week regarding immigration raids. The chart is very interesting and enlightening regarding what and how long it takes to legally immigrate. Scott says, “this will either anger you, or make you happy.”

How to Pick a President – Scott Berkun
A great essay suggesting mistakes we make when voting, ways to decode political coverage, and attributes to look for in a leader. RecognitionScene and my brother will both poke their eyes out when they read this: I am still undecided (gasp!).

The Recipe Rule – The Clutter Diet Blog
I hate it when outside sources confirm what Bryan is ALWAYS telling me.

Let them not have cake! – PastaQueen
The PastaQueen decides she is Anti-Cake In the Work Place, and goes on a well-justified rant.
Excerpt: “While I take responsibility for what goes in my mouth, this is like trying to take responsibility for my driving while skidding down icy roads. It’s hard for the health-conscious to get any traction.”

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  1. That’s a great flow chart on immigration. I wonder why the system is set up to discourage people? The INS is a mess; it needs a total rehaul. And then of course there’s trying to get out of whatever country you’re in. I’ve talked to several Mexicans who say the only way into the country is to offer border guards huge bribes or try to make a run for it. So much for “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,” eh?

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