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The Mom Song
This was sent to me by a friend, and it made me laugh.

Lunch with Big Mama
“I’ve met quite a few other people through blogging over the years, and our lunch today reminded me that my experience has been that people’s real-life personalities tend to be very much like the personalities you perceive from their blogs. I am always pleasantly surprised to realize just how, well, real people are on their blogs after getting to know them offline. And perhaps that’s why so many of us enjoy reading blogs so much: because you tend to get honest glimpses into the lives of regular people, a little touch of much-needed human connection in our increasingly isolated world.”

Roo the Day
Ruthie is not always into blogging, though I’m not sure it’s that she’s not into blogging as much as she’s not into doing anything I happen to suggest might be fun to do right at that moment. When I say something like, “Hey, let’s go write about that on your blog!” She gives a firm, “NO!” Which is fine – perhaps she didn’t inherit the TMI gene. But when I read her the comments? And the things people say to her? Let’s just say she’s motivated by her fans. So I’m learning to let go of my expectations that she be as into it as I am, and try to enjoy the moments she gives me. So check out her latest posts.

Immigration raid aftermath
Immigration raids shake california schools
Immigration raid leaves mark on iowa town

It’s easy to dismiss one story like this, especially when you’re a recovering Political Apathetic like me. BUt when you listen to several stories in a row your perspective changes a little. You start to wonder if your government is disrupting a delicately balanced ecosystem and creating a whole host of new problems by attempting to solve one.

Half a town wiped out. Businesses in danger of failing. Children robbed of their parents. Schools disrupted. Really? Is the government prepared to sweep into these towns and “raid” them with social welfare programs designed to support all the orphans? All the schools? Do these businesses qualify for government bailout assistance? I’m appalled.

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  1. Hey, Jen, I have to put another side to this Immigration raid in a California town. Here is another spin: why not have the children go back home with their parents, where they all belong, and save the taxpayers some of their money? The deal is their parents, for whatever reason they may present (usually make more money here), broke the law by coming here illegally and these raids are long overdue. Just another thought. It is a passion of mine, this entire illegal immigration issue, and have tried to be proactive for several years with it. Wish I was as passionate about memorizing God’s word, however.

  2. I showed this “mom song” to Jordan and he said that they watched this song at school in music class. Funny, it pretty much sums up the most frequent statements.

    Love the content on your Friday link love posts.

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