A fail, a fall, and my moment of zen.

Wow. It’s Thursday, and my last post was the Friday Link Love. I guess that makes it pretty obvious I haven’t blogged in awhile.

My blog locked me out again over the weekend, not accepting my login and password. That’s always frustrating. It left me hanging in mid air with a digital photo of mozzarella medallions on garden tomatoes with fresh basil – our afternoon snack on Saturday – which you may not hear about now because the magic of the moment is gone.

Bryan fixed the lock-out issue for me on his way into work Monday which officially makes him Way Cool.

But then on Monday night I fell down the back steps, the slippery ones leading down to the trash cans. I set one foot down on the first step and before I knew it my pile of newspapers was flying through the air, and I landed with my right leg bent under my ass.

I thought I’d broken my ankle, given that my chubby ass smashed it against the step. Of course, this didn’t stop me from instantly jumping up and shouting “FUCK!” about 25 times while punching the trash cans.

I am the poster child for the Fight Response.

At any rate, this was a disappointing set back to my week because I was feeling pretty motivated to get some projects done around the house, and had already tackled one on Monday morning. Instead, I spent the day Tuesday laying on an ice pack and keeping myself filled with over the counter pain meds.

I love twitter, because it serves as the town crier. After I posted this, I had three In Real Life friends call or email to see if I needed a ride anywhere, or to take the kids, or to pick up Ruthie from school. The internet does not replace real communication with real friends, but it does come in handy when you need to send out a desperate 911 without dialing fourteen phone numbers to find out who is home.

Wednesday was more of the same. I felt much better, and was able to get to the gym for an easy run and lots of stretching, but my lower back still felts better when snuggling with an ice pack. So Wednesday unfolded in fifteen minute increments, like this:

  • Running.
  • Lay on ice pack, reading a magazine.
  • Make lunch.
  • Lay on ice pack, reading a magazine.
  • Sit at computer and pay bills.
  • Lay on ice pack, reading a magazine.
  • Pick up Ruthie at the bus.
  • Lay on ice pack, reading a magazine.
  • Make dinner.
  • Lay on ice pack, reading a magazine.

You get the idea.

(Ruthie would call this an A/B pattern. God bless kindergarten)

Yesterday when I finally sat down to write for a couple hours during Thomas’ nap, I was planning to bring down the home stretch a meaty essay I’ve been working on for a couple weeks. But I discovered none of Bryan’s editing notes saved, and of course I didn’t make a point of remembering what we talked about since I assumed I’d be able to refer to his notes.

At this point I lost all of my will to live.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I just didn’t feel like writing.

The good news is, as frustrating as it is to not have time to write, I’m feeling very Zen about it. This week was a total bust, but you know what? There’s always next week.

I know. I KNOW! Where’s all the writer’s angst and depression and inner turmoil over not having enough Time To Myself?! Well, folks, I guess that’s what you call progress.

One thought on “A fail, a fall, and my moment of zen.”

  1. My favorite injury expression is Shit Damn! Shit Damn! It’s inherited from my mother. 🙂

    Feel better…..isn’t it great just living in the momment of nothingness?

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