Because the Zugs could never just go hiking.


I said, “Let’s go hiking tomorrow.”

He said with wild eyes, “I know, LET’S GO GEOCHACHING!”

I rolled my eyes to the heavens and sat back in my chair.

Deflated, offended, he was all, “What?”

“Why can’t we just be like normal people and go hiking?” I said bitterly.

“It IS hiking – but with a goal, a purpose. It’s like a treasure hunt!”

“So enjoying the great outdoors with your children isn’t purpose enough?”

I know. I can be such a bitch sometimes.

The stupid thing is, I knew it would be fun. Everything Bryan wants to do is fun.

Looking for the hidden treasure…

looking for a treasure...

More looking…

more looking...

Finding the treasure!

finding the treasure!

Checking out what’s inside…

geocache box of goodies

Recording that we found it…


Putting it back for the next treasure hunter…

Hidden Treasure

All in all, not too shabby for our first time out on this high tech adventure. And? The kids made it hiking half a mile straight up the side of Cougar Mountain.

Go here for information on geocaching, because there’s probably a site within 300 yards of where you’re reading this (there’s tons in our own neighborhood).

Go here for the full flickr set.

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