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Lead testing law could put thrift stores and small businesses out of commission – LA
At first I was just irritated by the paranoia, but then I started to realize the larger consequences to the new law. Consequences like thrift stores discontinuing sales of children’s clothing, consignment shops going out of business due to expensive lead testing costs, Etsy shops closing down, and other small children’s toy and clothing makers getting put out. Can you imagine all the perfectly usable clothing and toys that will be thrown into our landfills? All the jobs that will be lost?! I’m all for protecting the children from toxins, but this law is written too vaguely.

Update: public outcry is getting results. Keep up with the changes here.

Some requesting delay in switch to digital tv –
This story cracked me up – the poor, poor consumer’s union, the poor, poor consumers. Delay the switch to make sure everyone is prepared? I say the best motivator for making the switch is discovering your television won’t work. But spending millions of dollars to change the date and modify the advertising campaign to make sure all Americans will have ability to watch Grey’s Anatomy? Logic FAIL.

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