Friday Link Love

Storyville Coffee – marketing with humor
I love this tongue-in-cheek marketing video from a local coffee roaster, lambasting “Big Coffee,” “Big Sugar,” and “Big Cream.” Click on “The Truth” in the sidebar to watch the video.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers retrieving
After Scout died I wandered around on YouTube looking at videos of Chessies, and found this awesome one of a Chessie retrieving. Check out how fast he is! Scout was a great retriever, too, but after she blew her ACL a couple years ago we couldn’t run her hard like this.

Grandparents stay in touch via webcams – Seattle Times
Interesting article on staying close to distant relatives via webcam calls. Two years ago when Bryan was traveling to San Jose regularly, we did video calls every night for dinner, and we now do video calls with almost everyone in our family, This lifestyle is so ingrained in my three year old son, when I hand him a regular telephone he holds it toward something he wants to show the caller, expecting that she’ll be able to see it. Also? The other day he shut down a game he was playing on my iPhone, placed it in the docking station, turned on some music, and adjusted the volume. It’s a changing world, and I hope my kids can keep up.

Jack Black defines an Octagon – Sesame Street
We watched Kung Fu Panda again this weekend, so this hilarious video fed my Jack Black obsession. EIGHT GLORIOUS SIDES, AND EIGHT STUNNING ANGLES! So funny I was blinded by the sheer power of its awesomeness.

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