A Fallen Friend

ScoutI’m on Day 2 of crying the Ugly Cry due to an injury with Scout’s leg (our dog) that is causing us to make some tough decisions. She blew out her knee at the park the other day, and it looks like the only option for treatment is surgery. The cost estimate I was originally given was equal to about two and a half mortgage payments. I think of it in terms of mortgage payments to help give me perspective, because if I was going by emotion alone I would have immediately handed over my credit card.

I am very attached to Scout, and she is such a sweet dog and great with the kids, not to mention the added security I feel when Bryan is out of town. But as much as a part of the family as she is, neither Bryan nor I have ever imagined spending so much on a pet. Not imagining it, though, didn’t stop me from considering briefly, wishing fervently, and begging profusely. But in the end, I know it’s just not reasonable.

Today, though, I feel a little more empowered by information. I called three other vets, discovering the following information:

1. There are MANY different surgeries available, not just the one type originally presented to me
2. There are WAY cheaper vet surgeons available
3. The outcome for all types of surgeries seems to be within a similar range: lower activity and chance of arthritis

I have an appointment to meet with the surgeon from the original clinic I took her to, so I hope to use my powers of research to get some more information. But this has been a sad, stressful, and emotionally draining week.

5 thoughts on “A Fallen Friend”

  1. I look at my dear old dog who is lumpy and bumpy and think “Would I put her through cancer treatment? Would I pay for it? Is it right to make decisions about my friend based on my ability to pay? How far should I go?

    This stuff is difficult and heart-wrenching.

  2. Yikes. My family dog managed to bang up his front leg pretty badly a few years ago. My mom decided against getting it fixed, and it healed, crooked, on its own. He can’t go for walks anymore and definitely feels pain going up and down stairs, but he seems happy enough. I do imagine it shaved a couple of years off of his life, but he is a dog… and no one seems upset by that decision today.

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