Fifteen Minutes of Fame, Part 3

The 'madonna mic' for the Kindlings Muse podcast Here is the final installment of the podcast I did with The Kindlings Muse. It was great fun, and I hope to have the opportunity again – if for nothing else than to wear that cool Madonna-mic again.

For as much as I hate it when the media pits two extremes against each other as if that one extreme opinion represents everyone on that side of the fence, it does make for a more interesting debate. I see now why nobody ever interviews the guy with a balanced point of view – there isn’t really much to argue with if he’s not saying anything controversial. Before we went on the air Scott Erickson asked if he should pick a side and be the Devil’s advocate, but it didn’t seem organic to do it that way.

So, while this experience wouldn’t be categorized as The Great Debate, it was an awesome opportunity to educate, inform, and work out my thoughts.

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