The Great Purge of 2007

Last week I reorganized the storage areas in my bathroom. This came about mainly because random items were falling on me as I rummaged around looking for something, and I had a temper tantrum. The project only took an hour while the kids napped, but I had to sacrifice actually CLEANING the bathroom to get it done – only so much time in the day, you know?

The task uncovered a missing bag of cotton balls, forgotten bath toys, empty toilet paper rolls I had set aside for crafting, 3 nearly-empty sunscreen bottles, and three opened packages of maxi-pads. I was also able to toss or re-direct a bunch of stuff to make room for more storage.

Did I mention we had only one bathroom for three adults and two kids? Storage efficiency is of utmost importance.

We have a cabinet above the toilet…

wall storage before Wall Storage after

Storage under the sink…

under sink befire Under sink after

And one of four cubbies at the end of the tub…

cubby before cubby after

Okay, now that I’m looking at these photos side by side I’m thinking that these areas were really not that bad to start with, so maybe I was just avoiding the nasty toilet that needed to be cleaned!

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