The Man is Simply Wasting Away

Bryan is losing weight as if he’s allergic to it, and he looks great. I’m disgusted by how disciplined he is – the exercise and the eating healthy, and the having only ONE glass of wine a day. One!

And me? I keep fluctuating within the same five pounds – not particularly gaining, but not losing, either. I think these pounds are just very fond of me, and are not interested in maintaining a long distance relationship. They are perfectly content to be right. here. with me.

It doesn’t help that my beloved women’s gym closed down with only three days’ notice. They were losing money and decided to throw in the towel (ha! get it?). They sold all their memberships to the Pure Fitness co-ed facility down the street, but my friend already checked it out and said it was crowded and sweaty and like a meat market in there.

I hate co-ed gyms. I hate them so much I haven’t been over there yet to activate my new membership, and Sunday is my deadline. I’m dragging my feet because I hate co-ed gyms.

Did I mention that I hate co-ed gyms?

Fortunately for me, Bryan bought us a fancy new elliptical machine to facilitate the lack of excuses for not exercising, but my membership is paid through the year so I’d be losing a lot of money by blowing it off. Plus, I like to get out of the house every now and then, and going to the gym helped make that happen.

So, this post is one part pouting, one part feeling sorry for myself, and three parts praise for my fantastic, disciplined, hunk of a man!

4 thoughts on “The Man is Simply Wasting Away”

  1. Ahh…..I had no idea I only had tell Sunday to activate my membership there…..yuck on the meatmarket comment. I loved going to an all woman’s gym.

  2. Same thing happened to me years ago…have only been to a do-ed gym a couple of times since then (and that was because my now husband was going as well).

  3. Try working at a coffeehouse with really good pastries…I totally fell off the wagon…ARGGH!

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