The mourning period over the demise of my old gym is officially over. I have seen the light. Despite the fact that I am now a member of a large, corporate, co-ed facility that could swallow me whole, I’m beginning to see the benefits.

For instance, I never showered at my old gym because I had to pay for childcare by the hour. I would either have to pay for more than one hour, or have a really short workout to leave time for getting ready. So I just came home and showered while the kids ran around screaming at each other.

L.A. Fitness offers Kids Club memberships for $10 per month per kid, unlimited use. Which means that no matter how long I work out, or how many times I go in, it’s only $20/month for me. This means that after just three visits in a month, childcare is basically free (based on their $3 hourly rate).

Can anyone say, HOT TUB? Oh yeah, I think date night just took a whole new turn.

But aside from that, I forget how focused I can be when I workout in the right environment (read: in peace). I walked and ellipticalled about 3.5 miles, worked up a sweat, and felt all the right things burning – my body sighed with relief. I showered in peace, without Thomas taking a marker to every surface of the house or Ruthie climbing on top of the refrigerator for the candy jar.

It was a beautiful start to my day, and I am so embarrassed that I was being such a baby about missing my old gym. It was little, and quaint, and friendly, but now is the time to move on. So I apologize in advance for all the future OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO AMAZING posts you will have to endure as I hop into this new routine.

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  1. I also work out at LA Fitness – and so enjoy the scenery! I work out in the evenings and have to tell myself that is NOT a liquor store right next door.

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