Mostly a good day

Day One of new Staying On Track Schedule is complete, and I’m tuckered out. I was productive, I was not swayed by distractions, and it was kind of nice to move through the day with purpose: make grocery list, work out, fill crock pot with dinner, go to grocery store, scream immaturely at my daughter, eat dinner, clean the kitchen, and fall onto the couch at 9.

And yes, you read that middle part right: I had a small breakdown in the middle of my day in which I screamed at Ruthie for her to stop screaming so she doesn’t wake up her brother. I think that was mature, don’t you?

0709allhysteria-thumb.jpgI recovered well from that breakdown, thanks to a husband and a friend who both talked me down. Lack of calories played into that fit, as I ate a light breakfast right before working out, and hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Low blood sugar = very bad mother. I also realized the last time I threw a fit this bad at Ruthie was about this time laaaast month.

Hmm… methinks I should start tracking my cycles a little better. When I was in college my best friend once told me that in certain cultures women who were pms-ing would live out in a separate hut behind the family hut. I think she may have been hinting to me about something.

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