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Cha-CHING! (That’s the sound of my home value rising) – The Pile I'm Standing In
Cha-CHING! (That’s the sound of my home value rising)

Cha-CHING! (That’s the sound of my home value rising)

We already have this mall going in near my house, which will include a Target store, which will test my shopping willpower. Bryan says I should only be allowed to buy what I can carry while walking home – I think he underestimates how many home organizational items I can attach to my body with bungie cables.

This is the latest big news for my neighborhood today, because if the deal goes through I could WALK to a basketball game, or a concert, or whatever. Bryan and I recently saw Paul Simon at the current basketball arena – maybe in a few years I could have dinner and see a major show in my own neighborhood! Hopefully the unavoidable traffic problem will not want to make me pull my hair out.

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