works for me wednesday: love, according to I Corinthians

I was reading through I Corinthians 13 a couple years ago, berating myself for being the Meanest Mom on the Planet, and having a hard time feeling the love Paul was intending to get across. Being that I am a list girl, I broke it down and re-wrote the passage on a piece of paper like this:

Love is…

Love is NOT…
Easily angered
Holder of grudges
Delighter in evil

The passage was so familiar to me it became meaningless, but when I looked at it from a different perspective, I had an ah-ha moment: I was clearly not loving my family. I can’t say this has been the magic pill to make me a better person, but it is a succinct reminder in the face of Everyday Craziness, so I taped it to the cabinet doors in my kitchen.

I shared this with a friend, who then showed me a similar list she had posted in her kitchen. I was instantly in love with the practical spin put on it, and I reworked it a little to suit my own shortcomings. It is now on the front of my refrigerator:

When I am… Love is…

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10 thoughts on “works for me wednesday: love, according to I Corinthians”

  1. I was just thinking about the first time you shared this with me as I did my study this morning…love it!

  2. I love the lists. Great reminders of what I want to be like when parenting and what I am NOT when I am parenting. I might just have to steal the list that is on your fridge so I will hopefully see it before I turn into a loud, foul language spewing momma.

  3. i love that chart. definitly something i will keep around to remind me in those moments. boy, thoses moments.
    i tagged you for a blog thing. hope you can participate. sorry that’s so random.
    i am sorry that i don’t comment more. i really try to keep up with the zug’s. i miss you and the pacific northwest and love getting to know this jen that i never knew.
    i’ll try not to be such a lurker…

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