Girls Night Gone Wild

Thomas spent the night at a friend’s house this weekend, and I sent Bryan out to read peacefully in a quiet place far away from All That Is Undone here at the Zug Haus – which of course left Ruthie and I to ourselves for a GIRLS NIGHT IN.

I rented High School Musical from Netflix, and I think you know how that went.

Here’s what we watched on the big screen:

And here is what it did to inspire Ruthie:

I mean, I knew she would love it, but 24 hours later she has watched it – oh, I don’t know – a dozen times? And of course she has a crush on Zac Ephron, whom she affectionately refers to as The Boy.

I can’t say that I blame her. I may or may not have obsessed over his IMDB page for about 20 minutes until I realized I was a Mary Kay Letourneau After School Special waiting to happen.

Despite the fact Target has High School Musical paraphernalia throughout the store, it never occurred to me someone Ruthie’s age would be able to follow it. I just assumed it was for high schoolers. I was surprised when a friend mentioned she’d watched it with her five year old, so I thought I’d give it a try.

If you have little ones at home with Very Dramatic Tendencies, I highly recommend High School Musical.

Personally, my favorite character is Ryan, the brother from the brother/sister duo who have starred in all the school musicals since kindergarten. He’s the Niles Crane, the Kramer, the hilarious side kick who steals the show with – in Ryan’s case – very coordinated hat/shirt combinations.

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  1. Ahhh, looks so familiar. Hannah is constantly singing the songs, I have the High School Musical 2 soundtrack on my iTines for her, she always wants to be Gabriella when playing with her friends and it goes on and on… They are coming out with a #3 in the theatres, not exactly sure when though. I little embarrassed to admit it, but I like the movies too. At least I did the first 50 times we watched them.

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