Works for Me: The “Mom, I’m bored!” Edition


Rocks in My Dryer is hosting a themed WFMW this week to collect ideas for keeping kids busy during the summer. Never mind that the entire rest of the country is now on Summer vacation while Seattle kids continue through most of June.

Since my kids are still preschool age, I feel like I need the “Mom, I’m bored!” edition every day. But I did get this great idea from a book of activities, and my kids love it. Give a kid a paint brush and a cup of water, and he’s occupied for half an hour (that’s a long time for a preschooler, by the way). Today I had three extra kids over, and they were all out there “painting” my deck.

Hey, it works for me.

Check out all the great ideas here.

2 thoughts on “Works for Me: The “Mom, I’m bored!” Edition”

  1. we do this with the little guys at vacation bible school, they paint the church, it is always a hit!

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