Works for me: stair baskets

Works for me Wednesday

There are many benefits of living in a multiple story house, such as letting the kids sleep in the main floor play room while you and the husband have uninterrupted… sleep… upstairs.

That definitely works for me.

What doesn’t work for me is the potential for running up and down the stairs 20 times in an hour, particularly when I’m trying to get things straightened up. While I’m aware that stair climbing would provide a great boost for my weight loss and exercise goals, it also provides a certain amount of… how shall we say? … opportunity for the dynamic duo to reach the candy jar on top of the refrigerator.

I kept thinking to myself, If only I had some sort of storage receptacle that would fit on the stairs to neatly contain my junk clutter things until the next time I went up. Then one day I rounded the corner at my local Goodwill and saw this eager-to-please basket on a shelf with so many ordinary baskets.

She may not be as pretty as this one, but she’s about $58 cheaper… and that works for me.

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3 thoughts on “Works for me: stair baskets”

  1. I need to get something like this. I’ve taken to just piling things on the stairs for my next trip up, but a basket would be much neater!

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