Friday Link Love

Friday Link Love

The first installment of (hopefully) many posts about what I discover on the web (p.s. I made that badge up there all by myself after Bryan showed me how – go me!).

This American Life episode from 4/18/08, Mistakes Were Made.
I’ve been having several Parental Panic Attacks lately, wondering if I’m completely failing my children. More important than any behavioral modification, I want my children to understand issues of their hearts, motives, and intentions. I can spot a fake apology at 20 paces, and I can call it to attention. But can I force my child to be truly repentant?

As I was feeling bogged down with frustration this week, Bryan pulled up the above episode of This American Life for me to listen to. If you don’t listen to the entire episode, at least listen to the first five minutes or so. Ira Glass discusses true apology and remorse with a father, and this father tells the story of David sleeping with Bathsheba, having her husband killed, and his initial lack of repentance.

It was just what I needed to hear to remember I am not alone in this concern I have for my children, and that God does provide the opportunity for everyone to truly repent. I need to patiently lead and pray for my children in this way.

Twistori for Twitter art.
This is another link sent to me by Bryan, and is a very cool artistic rendering of Twitter. It draws from Twitters containing key words such as Love, Think, Hate, Believe, Feel, and Wish and displays them with colorful font scrolling over a black backround. I love checking into this site once in awhile for inspiration.

You Can’t Handle the Truth! from Practical Theology for Women.
Wendy uses two famous lines spoken by Jack Nicholson in two different movies to illustrate how we struggle between our desire to be more like Jesus, and the reality of getting there.

Stay at home moms worth $117,000 per year. published their 8th annual Mother’s Day study determining what mother’s would earn if they were paid to be mothers.

The Morning Becomes Eclectic show on
I fell in love with this Santa Monica based radio station when driving around LA at Christmas. I stream their music nearly all day every day, and I’ve never met a song I didn’t like, particularly on the Morning Becomes Eclectic show. It’s dangerous, really. I write down all the songs I like from their track list, and now my wish list of music is longer than my bank account is full.

Create and share an mp3 mix tape on

Speaking of music, I had this brilliant idea to create mp3 mix tapes to embed on my blog as I discover new music. The problem is, there’s no real easy way to do this without violating copywrite (or whatever you call it). I could create an iMix, but I believe those only play a snippet of a song (correct me if I’m wrong), and you can only use mp4’s purchase through iTunes – kind of a problem if you bought the actual CD. My account allows me to create and embed mixes, but not all songs are available, leaving holes in some of my mixes. Same with

Bryan said Muxtape was getting talked about, so I checked it out. I can’t embed the mix code into my blog, but I can link to my mix on the Muxtape website where you can then stream it. The downside (for me) is you are only allowed one mix of 12 songs at a time (you can’t create multiple mixes under the same user name), and I’m not clear yet whether you can change out those 12 song slots for new songs or if I have to make the One Really Great Mix Tape Of All Times. Will be interesting to check out.

Sleep Deprivation Means More Drama, from NPR News.
This was an interesting article. I’m just wondering why they didn’t include MOTHERS in their list of crazed, sleep deprived reality show contestants. Because this is definitely reality, and sometimes it’s so outrageous it must be a show.

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